After all is said and done, Hitler was a monster to say the least

First and foremost, I want to vehemently state that my blog is not gutter press unlike most other blogs today out there. I will not point fingers either for that reason. At, we do not wear over-sized blue grandma sweaters either that bring out the best of our nostrils and underline your social. We do not say who is fucking who, and who is who’s sweaterheart. Wait, what?

Never mind.

The real reason I wrote this blog is because I miss you fellas. It’s been a while since I wrote anything that’s relevant to Twitter as I have recently re-discovered a talent I had long forgotten I had; creative writing. However, a few things have caught my attention that require to be addressed urgently and which require your opinion. Not that I care about your opinions, but I do appreciate it because it keeps my blog going.

The biggest of those issues is the still to be solved death of a fallen hero of the Kenyan law and constitution, Mr. Mutula Kilonzo, whom, as it is now emerging, was a champion in the bedroom with a little help from another learned friend called Viagra. Yes, it was obvious Mr. Mutula, may he RIP, was with a woman the morning he died. However, I will not even begin to describe my shock and dismay after it emerged that the woman in question was in fact another champion; a champion of plagiarism.

Her name is Caroline Mutoko. After all, we all know she doesn’t date people with mediocre minds like the rest of us. We’re numbskulls, remember?

So, to put this in perspective, if it is proven she was indeed the said woman, she preaches water on how people to be faithful, when she’s in fact, drinking wine. Issorait. Carol, as someone pointed out, if this is true, this will be a big Blow to your Job. Never mind, KOT can be crafty with words. Point is, you have a daughter and you’re dating Radio Africa’s Patrick Quarco. The irony of it all being the speed at which you rebuke cheating partners. You’re a fucking cheetah.

But then again, as I said, all this is if it’s proven true. I am not ready for a defamation lawsuit. You can read the original post unmasking her here:

Then there’s the small matter of the bedbugs in Kenyatta University hostels. Well, it’s not like we’re really shocked; at least now we know who, ok, for purposes of this post, what taught the ladies at KU to be really good at sucking. Full pun intended. Dating a KU chic is hard, and reasonably so. First, she will suck your money, because granted, she will not be stealing side mirrors from motorists when you’re around.

Then, you finally think you’ve caught a break and that you’ll get laid; wapi? So she invites you over, and knowing how difficult men find it to reject sex, you’ll rush over.. Forgetting there are bedbugs that will see your erection as a thankful of blood. And guess what my friend, you cannot exile them. Hell, they call their friends over to enjoy the feast at hand.

To make matters worse, as if we haven’t had a bad enough past couple of weeks already, Jaguar released yet another music video from his recently launched ‘eh eh eh’ genre of music; you know the type of music where the words ‘eh’ feature after every three words to produce rhyming effect because the song doesn’t make sense.

I wouldn’t say it was a bad video considering he spent his fortune making it, featuring a convertible Bentley. Pause. And a plane, albeit a small, joke of a plane, but hey, a plane is a plane, so LANES people. He even got to throw a bash that featured Mugoya and Nick Mutuma.

Sadly, Jaguar has to learn that an expensive video doesn’t make the music sound good, especially when Vee Baiby is not in it. As some idiot on Twitter said last week, if Bamzigi and Jaguar were to fall off a cliff, it is Kenyan Music that would survive.

Finally, the condoms. I still do not get why Catholic priests are still against these life savers. I’m very sure none of you would be theoretically against it if altar boys were to theoretically get pregnant. Plus, you contradict yourselves. You preach the body is the temple of the Lord, yet you encourage people to kill the Lord’s temples with HIV/AIDS by not using condoms.

Do you sleep at night knowing because of you some people might never live their lives to their fullest? That some of them are right now considering committing suicide because they had unprotected sex following your advice and contracted HIV? Does it make you feel more significant contradicting scientific facts just because you don’t believe in it? Guess what, it only makes you sound ignorant and worse murderers than Hitler because, guess what again, you’re almost at the halfway mark of the total people that died due to his actions.

Anyway, that is just my opinion, but as I said, I’d love to hear what you guys have to say, especially on the condom issue. In the meantime, I’ll go back to picking up the scattered pieces of my broken heart because Grace Msalame called these two idiots @iDaywa and @mSale_ ‘babie’ on my TL.

*leaves holding onions to disguise the tears*

  1. Rlobs says:

    Maze you left out how I wrote a funny tweet the other day. Is it just me or other smallwigs don’t get to have their handles on any blog? Come on we need that rectified and I aldo share the same sentiments about music artist’s not exploiting the full potential of Vee Beiby’s ASS. We need much of this though, keep it coming and yes who isn’t hurting for not having Grace Msalame call them Babie?

    • ketihapa says:

      LOL!! You can be sure the next time if i do see the tweet it will be def featured. As for Msalame.. Msalame… I’m still in pain haha

  2. jyokiviyella says:

    First of all,that Mutula and Mutoko story is not something one can really express thier opinion on as it is not proven,but i gotta say this though,that mama is one hell of a hypocrite,and that is below even her.
    On jaguar and his ehe ehe ehe ngomas,they are getting old he should try another one already. Whoever said that if he and bamzigi fell off a cliff we would survive was not wrong.
    Catholics are the worst of hypocrites,i mean who hasn’t heard of a priest and nun story?They just need to accept that it is what it is and move on,A buddy of mine saw that billboard hapo museum and was so mad for i don’t know what.The celibacy ship sailed a long time ago and the sooner people acknowledge that the better for everyone.

    • ketihapa says:

      Catholics arent hypocrites.. their ideologies are hypocritical tho. Celibacy in the 21st century is an unheard of word for starters. Just the other day a group of catholic priests broke away from the mainstream church to start their own that allows marrying. Their bishop in the newspaper article had a wife actually

  3. qool joey says:

    I respect Jaguar for his hustle, philanthropy n stuff, but shit!! That nigga can’t sing to save his life!
    Nigga should be like “I’m staring a music label called Crap Muzik…”

    • ketihapa says:

      Hehe… it’s true he’s accomplished a lot, but from his side hustles.. prezzo for starters at least we know he can rap when he wants to. Jaguar… going solo just isnt working out of him. But when all is said and done, i respect the nigger

  4. nancierox says:

    I got maaaaaad beef with you.Am in KU.Stay tuned for a comeback at
    Other than the KU bit,spot on!!

    • ketihapa says:

      Hahahaha… i know… and i’ll be waiting for it. Kwanza ensure you label it a reply to ketihapa… then the games shall really begin 😀

  5. MissKiki says:

    I must say it was worth asking for this blog.. Can’t believe ive been missing all this ‘open mindedness’ lol

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