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Sometimes you gotta do the unthikable

Sometimes you gotta do the unthikable

Part 4 of the sequel: Read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 here if you missed them.

“Are you sure you’re ready to do this?”

Alfred nods. He is in too deep to call it quits. The government thinks he murdered his wife and that is the reason he is on the run. Well, it is the reason for everything he’s done so far, including wearing the ludicrous wig that somewhat makes him look like an African Albert Einstein. He takes one look at Nathan and the solemn look on his face is enough to assure him they are out for blood just as he is. All this time, he’s not quite sure what the motivation for this man is; although he knows Nathan has to be pretty pissed off at Sam to dare doing anything of this sort.

“He’s moving,” Marion reports and Nathan gives the go ahead. Alfred knows it is now or never.

Moses, a former military man, ironically, says a prayer, before he takes the single shot that kills the driver of the car 20 metres away from their position. The car skids and hits the curb, coming to a halt a few metres ahead.


Nathan, Alfred and Marion make a run for it, as Moses remains behind to cover them. By now, as expected, Sam’s bodyguards are out of the car in full alert, their guns in their firm grips. Two of the bodyguards are desperately trying to get the dead driver’s body out of the car. Alfred promised himself he’d never kill anyone, but he knows when push comes to shove and it’s him or his opponent, he’ll have no choice but to take the shot.

The men do not see it coming. Marion fires calmly at the one on the left, who drops down dead instantly. The others, now aware that their intruders are upon them, drop the body and couch into defensive positions. Sam is screaming for them to get into the car and drive the fuck away. One of the two men spots them and starts shooting in their direction. A bullet whizzes through Alfred’s fake hair. Close call. The trio advance firing, but that is only because Moses, an excellent marksman, has already shot out two of the tyres of the vehicle and is currently firing single round shots in rapid sequence to give them cover.

One of the men, inspired by a moment of creativity, lies flat on his belly and takes aim and shoots Marion’s left foot, who crumbles to the ground screaming in pain. Alfred, in full panic, kicks her away just in time to keep a second bullet from ripping through her head. Conscious they’re two on three now, including Sam, whom, if they’d seen is holding his pistol in his trembling hands waiting for the inevitable, Nathan and Alfred split up. Alfred goes to the rear of the car while Nathan starts moving towards the front.

As luck would have it, a shot from Moses ricochets off the metallic bull guard of the vehicle and hits the man crouching, whose neck explodes into a mass of blood and tissue. He can barely breathe to scream. The man falls to the ground desperately clutching at his neck. The last thing he sees as he fades into oblivion is Nathan’s gun raised at him. The bodyguard left has no option but to throw his gun a full six feet from himself and surrender, pleading for his life.

Alfred, who has by now reached the right passenger door, raises his gun at an angle and fires, sure the bullet will not hit its mark, but it will be enough to cause panic. In quick succession, he opens the door, his gaze and the muzzle of his gun trained on Sam’s head. The message is clear. Sam tosses his gun aside and walks out with his trembling hands in the air. He has pissed on himself.

********* 20 minutes later ***********

Moses is driving, speeding from the scene they’ve just ambushed, his destination their safe house. Nathan smoking while Alfred is tending to Marion’s wounds. Sam’s mouth is gagged, his hands tied behind him. He may have stopped trembling, but fear is clearly written on his face. Besides, it doesn’t change the fact that the entire van stinks of his now dried up urine.

Alfred finishes dressing Marion, who smiles at him, though he isn’t exactly sure whether she’s high on the morphine or she’s just smiling to show her gratitude. He likes her, he decides. But the greatest emotion in his heart right now isn’t affection; he hates Sam- no he loathes the bastard. And this bastard will pay, he decides in his head.


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