Don’tgo round that Mugumo tree, Mwitu, marry me instead

Posted: October 1, 2015 by ketihapa in Uncategorized

So, guys, I did a guest post at This time i tried something different. African folklore


Victor Mwangi. Mwas. Probably doesn’t ring much of a bell, I know. But surely must. Because great art precedes great artistes. The honor today is mine, chimps, to bring you Mwas…He says, KetiHapa, Have a seat, relax and hear it as it is…

The Mugumo Tree  | Victor Mwangi

She is walking. She does not want to stop walking. She can’t, not now. She has to know what it all means; what it feels like. She wants to be a man; perhaps then she will be able to understand his mind. They say if you walk round a Mugumo tree seven times you can be a man, right? This is her third round. She loves him, and she knows he loves her, but she is tired of waiting. She doesn’t want to wait any longer for him. If she understands him maybe then she could be able to wait…

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