The girl under the Mugumo tree

Posted: October 1, 2015 by ketihapa in Uncategorized

And this is the sequel to The Mugumo Tree, which i did this time on… This time from the boy’s perspective in order to clear up some issues…


By Victor Mwangi


He wishes he could run faster. He wants his legs to run faster. He has to run faster. His left hand swings weakly at his side. He is losing too much blood. He feels delirious. He wants to collapse in a heap and give up but he can’t. He will not. He has to get there. He has to. If this is his last day on earth, he wants to spend it alongside her. No, he tells himself, she has to be there. He trips on a bush that he hadn’t noticed before but he doesn’t fall down. He cannot fall down. He knows that if he does he will never wake up and he will never see her again. God would be unfair if he let that happen.
He tries to block everything that happened from his head. They’re all dead. But he soon will be…

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