WhatsApp Groups.

Posted: October 15, 2015 by ketihapa in Uncategorized



WhatsApp groups seem to be the latest maddening fad we are adopting. Quail farming clearly lost its lustre. We form a group for literally everything. You decide to hang out with this group of good pals you haven’t seen for a while and the next morning you find yourself in a WhatsApp group christened ‘The Fun Squad’. A group where participants look to when their debauchery is brimming. Every time you turn on your data you are confronted with over a thousand group chats of people hornier than a village she-goat. You wonder if that group should really be called the fun squad or the heat room. He-he.

But that’s not what caps it. It’s the fact that you are in several other pointless and infuriating groups.  Some idle bozo started a Primary Class of ’07 group because eight years is not such a long time for him to realise…

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