Sometimes, it is necessary to sit back and relax and let someone tell it to you as it is or you tell them exactly what is on your mind. Hence, Ketihapa.wordpress.com. A blog like no other- my purpose is to get rid of boredom but most importantly, to tell it to you as it is. So grab a seat, keti hapa, relax and let me tell it to you as it is. Please feel free to tell me to get seated as well when if you think I am not doing any of the things I have promised to do.

Please have a seat

  1. Bidens says:

    Ketihapa is such an awesome blog..It literally means so and u cant help it other than just sit and enjoy uhodo. I have been glued in my seat since 7 after my breakfast till now around 11.

  2. tiatie says:

    eish..i love your blog..

  3. Odhiambo says:

    I guess after having a seat, your utterances are the cuppa, heck i need a cuppa too… Nisha keti mie, haya nipe kitulizo… 🙂
    I like your writing, looking forward for more.

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